The MSC label

Overfishing is a global problem. Many types of fish are at risk because they are being caught in such large quantities. Because fishing boats are now equipped with all kinds of modern technology, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for fish to escape the fisherman’s net.

Thankfully, there are organisations like the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which is an international organisation that aims to preserve all types of fish. Smølke wants to play a role in safeguarding fish populations in our oceans. That is why we only use fish that originate from fishing companies that have been independently certified in accordance with the MSC benchmark. The MSC label is synonymous with a well-managed and sustainable fishing industry.

Why MSC?

Smølke is actively committed to sustainable fishing and only uses sustainably caught fish in our food. The MSC label guarantees that the fish is caught in a sustainable way.

MSC is an abbreviation of Marine Stewardship Council. This independent, international organisation is committed to sustainable fishing. In addition, the MCS is trying to keep the habitat for fish in the oceans healthy. By giving your pets Smølke, you are also helping to address the global issue of overfishing!

What does MSC stand for?

The Marine Stewardship Council focuses on three principles:

1. Sustainable fish stock
Fishing activities must take place at an intensity that is sustainable for the fish population. All certified fishing companies must operate in a manner that allows fishing to continue without exhausting the source.

2. Minimising environmental impact
Fishing activities must be managed in a manner that allows the structure, productivity, function and diversity of the eco-system used by fishing companies to be maintained.
3. Effective management
The fishing industry must comply with all local, national and international laws, and implement a management system that makes it possible to respond to changing circumstances and ensure sustainability.

MSC certification is not earned easily! The Marine Stewardship Council has actually established very strict certification criteria. We are thus very proud that Smølke pet food is MSC certified.

Sustainable seafood with the MSC blue fish label | Marine Stewardship Council