About Smølke

The history of Smølke

Although the name ‘Smølke’ might suggest otherwise, the origins of Smølke lie well and truly in the Netherlands. In 1991, the foundations for Smølke were laid by a Dutch pharmaceutical company that produced animal medicines and special dietary food for animals. However, Smølke was initially produced in Denmark, hence the Danish name. But Smølke’s production activities were moved to the Netherlands in 1999. Since then, Smølke has been produced in an internationally certified production location in the north of our country.

Smølke today

In the meantime, Smølke’s head office has been located in Harderwijk for quite a few years. It is home to a qualified, dedicated and enthusiastic team of employees (and animal lovers), who do everything to produce top quality cat and dog food, help our customers with all their questions and offer them tailor-made advice.