Why Smølke?

That’s how you create a wonderful friendship!

At Smølke we understand better than anyone that you want to have a happy, contented dog or cat for as long as possible! In order to keep your dog or cat in optimum condition, Smølke offers complete all-in-one food of the highest quality. Packed with essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals which ensure a healthy immune system, strong bones and a shiny coat! If you feed Smølke to your pets, you know they are receiving a complete diet.

Smølke pet foods always have a unique protein profile derived from high-grade ingredients, which are perfectly in keeping with the nutritional needs of your dog or cat. And all that for an honest, affordable price. That’s what makes Smølke the best buy in terms of price-quality ratio in the premium segment! Smølke is also environmentally aware and believes in working on a sustainable future. That’s why we do everything we can to select honest, responsible ingredients that are sourced locally and/or feature a sustainability label.

All our food is prepared without wheat gluten and doesn’t contain any artificial aromas, colourings or flavourings. Reliable quality is what you can expect from Smølke. That’s why we are open and honest about what exactly is in our food!

Smølke, that’s how you create a wonderful friendship!