Smølke Fresh Steamed Meals

Smølke Fresh Steamed Meals

delightful meat-packed meals every single day

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Smølke Grain Free

Smølke Grain Free

Grain-free products for dogs and cats

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Smølke dog and cat food

Smølke wants you to enjoy the warm friendship of you dog or cat for as long as possible. That is why we want to make our complete, healthy and high quality All-in-one dog and cat food available to everyone. People who want to buy Smølke should be able to do so; that is why it must be widely available at an honest and affordable price. No complicated terms or vague claims that no one understands, but a no nonsense and transparent way of communicating, so you know what you are buying and feeding to your pets. We will also be pleased to assist you if you have any questions. Smølke guarantees that you will be feeding your dog or cat the kind of food that puts its health and happiness first. That’s how you create a wonderful friendship!

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Smølke's 6 guarantees

Smølke always honours its 6 guarantees. Would you like to learn more about our 6 guarantees?

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With Smølke you’ll be giving your dog or cat

  • Food with a unique protein profile derived from chicken, fish and lamb
  • Food prepared without wheat gluten
  • Food with natural ingredients
  • Food with ingredients that are locally sourced or feature a sustainability label
  • Complete all-in-one food of top quality
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Your opinion counts!

Smølke looks forward to receiving your review. Your opinion (and that of your dog or cat) is very important to us; that’s why we want you to share it with us!

Smølke, that’s how you create a wonderful friendship!